Hyper Networks LLC

About Company

Hyper Networks is a full-service integrator focused on design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and maintenance services for our telecommunications, municipal and public/private utility customers. The business operates in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and Atlanta markets and provides services in three primary segments:

Outside Plant with services including:

Underground Construction
Traffic Control
Hardscape Restoration
Aerial Construction
Areal and Underground
Maintenance Services
Splicing and Testing

Inside Plant with services Including:

Site Surveys
Fiber Drops
Property Management
Splicing / Testing
Fiber Jack Installation
Fiber Farms
Cable Routing / Molding
Equipment Closets


Field Survey / Engineering
Outside Plant Fiber Design
Multiple Dwelling Unit and Inside Plant
Fiber Design
Permitting / ROW / ROE
Splicing and Fiber Mapping

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